Warning: addiction ahead! Oribe dry Texturizing Spray, $21.50 for a 2.2-oz. handbag size bottle
Oh, fudge!

ওহো! There goes one more quarter into the beauty product-related swear jar (I don’t really have one of those, however sometimes I believe I should).


Seriously, Oribe, why’d you have to make me autumn in like with your dry Texturizing Spray when you understood the last thing I needed in my life right now was one more bank-breaking hairstyling product?

কি অভদ্র!

Cue beauty Wayback Machine. Destination: one month ago…


বিড়াল এবং মেকআপ sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

এখনই কিনুন




BAM! bright light, aaaaaand, we’re here.

It’s mid August, 2014.

I’m just about to haul my cookies out of the salon after getting my roots touched up when I recognize that I requirement (“need,” air quotes) a little travel-size bottle of dry shampoo to bring with me on my upcoming trip to LA (it was still upcoming at the time), so I ask mini Stevie Nicks (which is my inside voice nickname for the gal who works behind the front desk counter, on account of the witchy, floaty attire she’s always wearing) for a recommendation. She points me to Oribe’s dry Texturizing spray with the complying with caveat: “You gotta be down with grit. If you want smooth as well as silky, you’ll requirement something else.”

Since I am down with grit (I think), I grab the little 2.2-oz. handbag size for $21.50.

As I hand mini Stevie Nicks my credit history card as well as the bottle, I hear my penny-pinching mother’s voice in my head. “Hooey, put that down! Let’s go to Rite aid instead as well as get an additional big bottle of Aqua web for $2.”

I do my finest to ignore her. “I cannot get addicted to this,” I tell myself, going out the door. If the bit bottle is $21, I don’t even want to believe about exactly how much the huge bottle costs (side note: it’s $42).

Sadly for my wallet, it’s like at very first spray.

Fast ahead to today…

Volcanic volume at the roots, tremendous texture, legendary lift, as well as UV filters

This stuff is kinda magical. It does a bit bit of everything, too, as well as it does everything well.

As a dry shampoo — I utilize dry Texturizing spray between laundries to take in oil as well as refresh my janky-smelling roots. like the other Oribe products I’ve tried, it smells elegant as well as expensive, like a light yet complex jasmine floral perfume.

As a completing spray — Whenever I curl my hair, I spray dry Texturizing on the middle sections as well as the ends for shine, hold, bounce as well as texture.

As a root lifter — When I spray it on my roots, ERMAHGOD! The volume is volcanic. Its lift is the stuff of legends. I’m speaking huge frickin’ hair, man.

On top of whatever else, it likewise includes UV filters to protect color-treated hair against sun damage.

No powdery residue, stickiness or hairspray crunchiness

Like question Woman’s jet, this stuff is invisible…once you work it into your hair. It’s virtually weightless as well as undetectable.

I mean, I can see the spray as it leaves the bottle, as well as the mist shoots out forcefully as well as evenly, as an costly hair styling product should, however when it’s in the strands, it’s almost as if there’s nothing there.

This is third-day hair! I’m using dry Texturizing on my roots, mid-shaft as well as ends
It doesn’t leave behind a powdery residue either, or a sticky or crunchy film, however yet it’s, like, DOING stuff.

Sure, there’s a slight roughness to the structure of the strands (“the grit,” as mini Stevie Nicks put it), however it’s not a problem.


When I utilize this, I feel like my hair looks magazine caliber (this is exactly how I validate the price).

PRICE: $21.50 for a 2.2-oz. handbag size bottle, as well as $42 for an 8.5-oz. full size Bottle
AVAILABILITY: offered now at salons as well as online
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