six months in
Next week, I’ll officially be six months into “The journey to grow Out My Grays,” as well as let me tell you…it’s been hard! It’s been even tougher than growing out my brows, which is kind of counter-intuitive, right? since I’m not really doing anything… The hair is doing all the work. I’m just living my life, however dang if it hasn’t been a test of will as well as a test of my mental state.

Ah, man!


The journey to grow Out My Grays

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Is There a Graceful method to Go Gray?

Yet again, I came *this close* to dying my hair, because, to be honest, I’m still not loving it… I don’t want to state that I “hate” it, since there are absolutely some elements that I like, like the flexibility from not feeling like I have to go get my roots done every few weeks, as well as not always feeling like my hair is in a transitional state. I like feeling that my hair just is what it is, you know? This is the color, this is what it appears like now, as well as I don’t have to preserve it. I don’t have to spend the money, time or effort making it into something it isn’t.

That’s been liberating…


বিড়াল এবং মেকআপ sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

এখনই কিনুন

But there are other things I still… I really, truly don’t want to state “hate,” since it’s such a strong word, as well as this is my body. I don’t want to dislike anything about my body. Plus, hair is just the frosting, right? It’s just the outside stuff. I tell Connor this all the time: “It’s what’s in your heart that matters. What’s inside figures out your worth.”

I understand these things are true.

But then I see myself in the mirror, as well as the person looking back at me doesn’t look like the person I grew up with. I’ve wept a lot more than a few times over the past few weeks. It’s difficult for me to state that, however it’s true. since I truly am not loving exactly how I look with salt as well as pepper hair.

Connor as well as I took this selfie at an Easter egg search last weekend, as well as I’m nearly full-on gray now.

At this point, I’m not sure exactly how much longer I’m going to keep doing this experiment. At the start, I told myself that I was gonna go at least six months… I may try for eight, or I may walk into a rand-o beauty parlor this afternoon as well as walk out with pink hair! It might go either way.

What have I discovered so far? Well, a few of the very best recommendations I’ve gotten was from a buddy who grew out her grays last year, as well as she said, “I oil the crap outta my hair.”

You understand what? That has been truly helpful, particularly considering that my hair has gotten progressively coarser as I’ve gone a lot more gray.

The a lot more oil I work into it (I do it when my hair is damp, ideal after I get out of the shower), the much better off I am. My hair feels less crunchy, the grays are less unruly, as well as they’re normally much better behaved.

Also, as well as I don’t understand if this is thought about kosher, however it’s been assisting me out, sooo…when I do my hair, as well as I’m doing my finest to tame the flyaways, if there are any type of rogue hairs that just decline to bend to my will, I freakin’ pluck them out, man!

I understand they’ll just grow back anyway, however I can’t offer with the two- as well as three-inch pieces shooting out at odd angles. however I *only* pluck them after making a herculean effort to smooth them down.

At this point, I believe the rogues are all gone… Again, I don’t understand if this is cool, however I’ve been doing it, as well as it’s been working for me.

Oh, as well as I can’t believe I failed to remember to mention this next thing, since it’s one of the nicer consequences, however I’ve satisfied a few extremely great mommies lately who’ve told me that I look young for my age, which always feels great to hear. I can’t reject it. I tell them I had Connor at 40, as well as I’m always upfront about it. I’ve satisfied a few mommies over the past few weeks who’ve stated that I look like I’m in my mid-30s.

I believed gray hair would make me look older than my 43 going on 44 years, however perhaps it hasn’t?

I dunno… perhaps that’s just me reaching.


Anywho, that’s been my journey so far.

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