A especially kicked back lady at the health club on the Plaza, Portola hotel & Spa, Monterey Bay, California
Hiya! delighted Saturday from Monterey, California! This is the deal with of a blissed-out birthday woman who just had an hour-long deep-tissue massage.

আহ …


I stated “peace out” to my 42nd year on the earth last night with a see to the health club on the Plaza, as well as uh… So good. Afterwards, I hit up the heavy steam room, as well as considering that nobody was there (I was one of the last visits of the day), I spread out a lot of towels, laid down, tucked a towel beneath my neck, as well as sweated it out.

The health club had these elegant showers with three shower heads — one directly overhead, one than hits you from the front, as well as one that hits from the side — as well as no joke, I was in there for 30 minutes! এটা। Was. Glorious.

The health club was stocked — shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors — however halfway with I kept in mind one time when Cindy, Jen as well as I went to a health club a few years back, as well as Jen brought her own body scrub, hair mask as well as deal with mask to turn the elegant health club shower into an “experience,” as well as I desire I’d believed of doing that this time.


বিড়াল এবং মেকআপ sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

এখনই কিনুন

Maybe (hopefully) next birthday.

Now, we’re off to the aquarium! I have it on great authority that Dori as well as Nemo were last identified there…

Here are some stories last week that caught my eye…

The Fenty impact is officially a thing now, as a lot more as well as a lot more brands are using a broader variety of foundation shades.

There’s a little however growing pro-gray hair neighborhood on social media, as well as it’s starting to shake up the hair care industry.

This month I started testing products from Frank Beauty, an Australian line offered in the U.S. now, as well as this post talks about one of the co-founders, Bree Johnson, as well as exactly how she as well as her partners developed the business into a worldwide brand.

Makeup artist Thomas de Kluyver is new to me, however he’s been doing club-inspired makeup considering that his club days in the ’90s. now he’s popular for his magazine as well as runway work. His style isn’t what I’d wear a lot of days, however I like his artistry as well as exactly how he utilizes color in unconventional ways.

This is what it’s like to have a tailor-made perfume produced for you by the Queen of England’s personal perfumer.

I can’t believe there are people available who’d requirement or want this, buuuuut if you’ve been expecting a sound that shoots out perfume whenever somebody phone calls your cell, right here YA GO.

Speaking of technology, this turning kitty litter maker looks absolutely terrifying, however it allegedly makes it much easier to scoop poop.

I’ve gotta say thanks to this person — well, technically say thanks to his nose! — for producing one of my fave scents of the ’90s: CK One. Master perfumer Alberto Morillas, likewise the nose behind Marc Jacobs Daisy, Estée Lauder Pleasures as well as Kenzo Flower, was shocked by the success of CK One. about it he says…
“In all honesty, I never expected CK One to be that famous. Sure, I hope all of my creations are successful, however I never understood it would be so quick as well as leave such a enduring impact,” he says. “In as bit as three months, everybody in the world desired CK One, as well as it’s the very first time something like that had occurred in my career. young women, men, everybody took pleasure in using it as well as that was such a special thing — it still is. In the world of perfumery, things like that don’t occur extremely often.”

Have you seen any type of appeal products that consist of “starfish fluid,” because, apparently, it’s a thing? like a dairy farmer, fishermen in Canada milk fluid from starfish for utilize by the cosmetic industry.

Seriously, who knew?!


Have a terrific weekend, whatever you’re up to. শীঘ্রই আবার দেখা হবে.

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