10 things I love about Tea (and T)
1. Trader Joe’s Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea

The Trader Joe’s brand teas! — especially the seasonal ones that come out around holidays. Every Xmas I hoard and stockpile a few boxes of the Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea and candy Cane green Tea (YUM!), and then obsessively ration them.

I believe I shall make a cuppa ideal now (lol, someone’s been enjoying BBC lately).


2. Tabbies

I got mad love for all teh kittehs, but due to my current employment situation…husky tabby kids are my faves.

Tabs demonstrating the proper way to contour using the real techniques Contour Brush…
3. organic Raspberry leaf Tea by standard Medicinals

Otherwise known as “PMS Tea” around these parts, it improves my mood when my hormones are acting like irrational toddlers behind the wheel of a tractor trailer truck, if ya know what I mean.

4. cute tea pots and cups

I have a couple of cute, dainty pots and cups but rarely use them because I’m partial to huge mugs.


বিড়াল এবং মেকআপ sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

এখনই কিনুন

Since we’re on the subject, though, did you ever have a toy tea set when you were a kid? আমি করেছিলাম! and I used to love playtime with tea.

Wish I could remember what happened to that thing…

5. Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford African Violet nail Polish, purse by Reed Krakoff, and bracelet by Na Hoku
“T” for Tom Ford. Don’t even get me started on Tom.

African Violet nail Polish, Cognac Sable Eye Quad, Negligee Lipstick, the Unabashed Palette, and oh! — that crazy expensive, utterly epic brow filler I’ve worn down to the nub.

Oh, Tom…

6. fragrant “tea” notes in perfumes

My current faves are by BVLGARI: Eau The Blanc White Tea (notes of artemesia leaves, white tea, ambrette, white pepper, musk and woody amber) and Au The Vert extreme (notes of Italian bergamot, green tea and pepper).

7. White tee tee shirts like this one from Anthropologie

This one’s by Left of center from Anthropologie a couple years ago.

Now that I think about it, I must have gotten a lot more than one because it’s been the best dang t-shirt I’ve ever owned, hands down.

I love the way the soft cotton drapes without getting too clingy (i.e., it hides my muffin top) and the cute little details, like the slightly twisted fabric around the neckline.

It’s also long, so it covers my bum and my lady parts, and I can wear it with leggings, too.

I’m not seeing the exact same one on sale anymore…but the Slubbed palette Tee and Catarina Tee are pretty similar.

8. This Tabby Tee from Target

I feel like Tabs must be getting royalties from this one, lol!

Feels great and soft, also not too clingy. Plus, hello! — there’s a cat DJ on the front.

I’m not sure if I must be ashamed to admit this (probably)…but 90% of the people who ask me about this tee tee shirt are children who want it for themselves.

9. Taylor Swift!

I may have just listened to Shake It Off five times in a row. Sorry not sorry.

10. Tissé Vendôme by Chanel

Tissé Vendôme
Of all the quads on planet Earth, Tissé Vendôme is my current favorite to wear with coral cheeks and lips.

The browns in this? Uh! হৃদস্পন্দন.

Tissé Vendôme
I like to sweep the lightest brown, the satiny golden one, on my lids and then line my lash lines with the darker rich chocolate. then I’ll buff that coral shade inside the inner corners.


Makes for a delighted Karen.

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