*** THIS IS A PUBLIC service announcement ***

TO: My fair beauts

SUBJECT: I found a highlighter that shows up on us!


Allow me to introduce you to the MAC All The best Angles Contour Palettes.

Now let’s get acquainted! 

There are four of them, which are like little trios, ranging in shade family from Light to Dark, and each one comes with a cream color base, a shaping powder, and a sculpting powder. The cream product is on the lower part of the compact, and the powder tray slides snugly over it so you don’t have to worry about destroying your day by getting schmutz in the cream color base. and they also come with a mirror.


বিড়াল এবং মেকআপ sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

এখনই কিনুন

What I’m getting at here is that these little black boxes are terrific for traveling!

In the photo above, I’m not wearing any blush or bronzer, just All The best Angles in Light to showcase its full effect uninterrupted.

Right off the bat, the shade of the sculpting powder (called Bone Beige) seemed off to me. MAC describes the sculpting shade in this kit as a warm brown, but compared to my beloved Too faced Milk chocolate Bronzer, Bone beige is a couple shades darker and less warm.

On my skin (my undertone is typically pretty neutral), it appears more…fleshy. It doesn’t look off at all, and I don’t feel the need to wear blush when I’m wearing Bone Beige. It just threw me off upon first glance because it wasn’t what I typically expect from a lighter contour shade… I typically expect a corpse grey.

MAC All The best Angles in Light
MAC All The best Angles in Light. shades — Luna (bright white with shimmer), emphasize (off white with fine pearl), and Bone beige (matte soft brown)
The cream colour base in Luna is aptly named. It’s white and sparkly (not glittery), so your cheekbones can shine like a crescent moon in the night sky. The shaping powder shade is called emphasize (accurately named, though not as cute), which is a good subtle glow — terrific for daytime or no-makeup makeup. I like wearing it in my inner corners on light makeup days. It’s subtle but effective in brightening up the area and making me look like I actually slept last night.

My faaavorite way to wear Emphasize is on top of Luna, which is how I’m wearing it today! each time I pass by a mirror and catch a glimpse, I stop, do a double-take, and then go “damn girl, you’re glowing.” I’m not sparkling; I’m glowing. It’s not very typically that I find a highlighter that can actually highlight my skin tone, so I am very impressed.

MAC All The best Angles in Medium

MAC All The best Angles in Medium. shades — Hush (soft peach with icy shimmer), Accentuate (peachy beige with fine pearl), and Sculpt (soft matte taupe)
MAC All The best Angles in medium Dark
MAC All The best Angles in medium Dark. shades — naked Universe: (golden beige with shimmer), Lightsweep (warm beige with fine pearl), and Shadester (mid-tone leathery brown)
MAC All The best Angles in Dark
MAC All The best Angles in Dark. shades – improper Copper (copper with high-karat gold), warm Lights (clean peach), definitive (midtone reddish brown)
Not only am I satisfied with my angelic glow, I really dig how easy the palette is to use, and each time I use it, I’m so pleased with my base makeup. This palette doesn’t just photograph well; it looks phenomenal IRL on skin.

The powders aren’t chalky, either — not even Emphasize, which is pretty close to white! I think Bone beige also works well because it isn’t too amazing or too warm, but it’s a pleased medium that doesn’t translate to “Instagram contouring” and instead looks natural. 


All The best Angles enables me to create some really stunning dimension with minimal effort. I mean, what much more could you ask for?

These puppies are $40 each ($10.53/5g for 2 powders and $18.95/4.5g cream base). A single cream colour base at MAC is $22 for 3.2g, and the shaping and sculpting powders are $17 for 6g. So with the MAC All The best Angles palette, you save $2.67/g on the cream colour base and $2.83/g on the powder products. You also get them in a clean, durable little black box.

So, what are your favorite products to sculpt and highlight with? Do you choose cream or powder?